• Putting America First: If this isn't the goal of any American politician, then one must ask whose side they are on. We must put Americans first. On a political level, it's treason not to.

  • Trade: It needs to be reciprocal and with our allies. We should not support countries that violate human rights or steal our Intellectual Property. We must put the lives of all humans and our citizens first.

  • Border Security: Americans have the right to protect their borders. I completely support Trump's initiative to build the wall. I would support funding to ensure the wall is finished in an expedited and timely manner. 

  • Wall Street: Any company trading on Wall Street needs to offer the same full disclosure as American companies. If a company refuses to open its books then the SEC should not allow such a company to trade in the US markets. We must protect the integrity of our financial markets.

  • Education: Knowledge is power. We must focus on a solid education for each citizen. I believe Charter Schools are a solid option and need to be supported at a federal level.

  • Israel: The embassy should have been moved to Jerusalem years ago. President Trump has taken many appropriate steps in improving our relations with Israel. I support the efforts the Trump Administration has taken and the direction of US policy regarding Israel since Trump has been in office.

  • Gun Rights: "A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed." We do not want to be in situation such as that in Venezuela or Hong Kong. Guns in the hands of the people is essential.

  • Off-Shore Drilling: I am against it.

  • Wind and Solar: Should become an integral energy source allowing homeowners to go off-grid to protect against overloading the system and decreasing personal reliance upon electrical grids. The goal is to increase personal freedom and protection.

  • Health Care: It needs to benefit citizens over corporations and big business.

  • Opioid Crisis: We must continue to fix this devastating problem that has gripped so many through both street drugs and big pharma.

  • Fentanyl: If a country is targetting Americans with Fentanyl, that country has pitted itself against our country and our people. We must not support the economy of any country set out to destroy ours.

  • Visas for Tech Workers: The visa system has been abused. We need to hire Americans for our most sought after and best paying tech jobs. There are plenty of Americans over 40 and American women who are well qualified but overlooked due to their age or sex. Hire Americans first. There is no shortage of qualified American tech workers.

  • Immigration: We must respect the planet and the harms to our water supply and air supply that come with over-population issues. Our country is not short on people. Its time to balance the population with environmental concerns.

  • Monopolistic Tech Companies: Once they are traded on Wall Street, these corporations (Google, Facebook, Apple, Twitter, etc) are no longer private companies. The fact that they are traded publicly makes them public companies. They are bound by the rules of our country, yet they are in ways that harm our financial and economic structure and continually violate our laws and constitution. Monopolies are illegal. We must protect innovation, creativity, the US economy, free enterprise, small businesses and entrepreneurs, and the structural foundations of business and innovation that make this country great.

  • Governmental Corruption: Enough is enough.

  • SpaceForce: There is a need to protect our Country's interests in space. American satellites are part of our American infrastructure and national security. It is the government's job to ensure these assets are protected.  In recent years, the military has acknowledged several unidentified aircraft that function in manners that common aircraft does not. It is important that we acknowledge, address and learn more about the world around us.

  • The Federal Reserve: President Trump and others are right to question the US relationship with the Federal Reserve. It is not owned by the U.S. Government. It is a private entity. The U.S. pays 2% for each dollar lent by the Federal Reserve. As a nation, we must look at whether or not this is a rational decision in the best interest of the United States, or if it serves the interests of just a few, and whether or not those interests are in conflict with the interests of our citizens and national security.

  • The Wall: Before President Trump announced his pledge to build the wall, Democrats openly and commonly addressed the need for increased national security on the Southern Border. Putting politics before the welfare of our country might serve a few self-interested politicians and elites but it does not serve American citizens and does not secure our people.

  • Intellectual Property Theft: There is no rational justification to do business with a government or company that has, or has attempted, to steal intellectual property from the US government, US Citizen, or US Company. This crime threatens US national security and our economic security. It must not go unpunished.

  • Taxing Tech Companies: A tech company is just like any other company and should be taxed just like any other company. Initially, tech companies were not taxed as an incentive program to encourage online businesses. That was 30+ years ago. It's time to tax them. Those tax dollars are needed to support our infrastructure, education, military, small business growth and a multitude of other projects. The tax dollars could also be used to pay down the deficit!

  • FISA: For three letter agencies (CIA, DOJ, Etc) to feel entitled to spy on a candidate and/or president of the United States implies the agencies have a long history of using FISA warrants to spy on individuals who they have no right to surveil. Otherwise, these nefarious players would not have felt so at ease and bold about illegally surveilling a candidate and president. I would support of full investigation into who is being surveilled through the use of FISA warrants and the legality of the surveillance. If there is corruption within this department, it needs to be exposed and eliminated.

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